Friday, 17 October 2008

BA LArch DCI- Photoshop Assignment "Mind the Gap"

DCI- Coursework- MIND THE GAP

The School of Architecture and Construction at Greenwich university offers a course in "Design and Communication" in the first year of study for most programmes. As Landscape Architects, we have to learn the basic principles of design, and to master the techniques of expressing our ideas visually. Our first Coursework assignment concluded a short course in Adobe Photoshop.

We were provided with three different images from the built environment. Our task was to prepare two designs to fill the gap between two buildings. Whilst we were free to pursue whichever avenues of research we desired- and were expected to record such journeys, alongside initial idesas, in our sketchbooks- the final image had to be produced in photoshop and graphic elements had to be introduced from provided images.

These images were of our fellow students' hands.

Above is an example of how hands were turned into building materials, but initially I took the brief too literally...

However, these experiments did help to practice some of the techniques picked up in the class.

As has been stated: we were expected to keep a full record of the design processin our sketchbooks- which was assessed alongside our final prints.
For the next design I looked at a more corporate environment and thought about intoducing a vertical garden and landscaped forecourt- unfortunately, I never got round to the landscaping (like so many developments...) so never fully realised my glorious vision (please be aware of irony)...

So, there you have it: my first (unfinished) assignment. Actually, there is a more complete picture but I haven't yet converted it from PSD to JPEG yet, so it shall remain hidden.
It would have been far kinder to the environment (and my wallet) if I had been able to publish the whole thing instead of running off reams of full-colour prints....

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