Monday, 25 October 2010

in perspective, pretty shameful

So back to the studio then, after an extended absence. We're doing a lot of quick sketch ideas- similar to what we were doing in first year- and I'm well embarrassed by what I've produced so far!
This was for a straightforward (ahem) exercise in perspective- first, draw a plan and lay out 17 trees using any system desired (as long as there is a system!)

As usual, I spent ages thinking about what to do and had just begun laying out my grid when the order to finish was issued, leaving me next to no time to quickly place my arboreal units....

Next task was to pick a point on the plan and render a quick perspective sketch from that viewpoint:

In the words of Cleveland Brown: "Oh, that's nasty...."

Two major flaws, I guess (aside from the scratchy lollipops, three-your-old sketch of human scale element and extraneous setting sun- hey! it was a five min job!), the first being the asymmetric vanishing point- I really struggled to visualise it. Second issue was that whilst a made the arbitary (or arbor-tary... tree puns. Got LOADS) decision to make all the trees equal height and place the base of the crown at eye-level (thus level with eye-line I failed to incorporate this into crown size and kept that at same level too!

Nob-head. (Or knobhead?)

So, reeling from the pungent stench of my own failure I immediately launched into the third exercise: producing a birdseye view. From the lookj of this one, I need to eat more fishfingers:

I think we can all agree that after three years of drawing trees I have demonstrated no improvement whatsoever.

So- here is my task for next time: reproduce a plan and these three images using proper, mathematically calculated perspective. Post here. THEN: try the same exercise in sketch form (as I have done here) and hopefully we will see vast improvement!

Don't count chickens/ hold breath/ etc.

I have a few more things to post between now and then- other classroom exercises etc.

Looking forward to being pilloried.

Until next time, camaradas...

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