Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sequence & Rhythm

A productive workshop today, all about brainstorming and conceptual diagrams. First genuinely enjoyable group assignment I've ever done- so thank you Susan, Alick, Isabel and Imogen!

Prior to this session we were given a brief prior to this studio session to produce two drawings using eight squares. The pieces were to be titled "Sequence" and "Rhythm"; the composition and interrelationship of the squares was meant to somehow describe the title of the piece.

This is sequence:

A little bit Mondrian... what do you think?

The next one I tried to create rhythm between the elements by scaling the size in proportion to their distance apart using the ration of SQRT:2

As usual, squeezed some arbitrary mixed-media elements in using window-cutting. Not massively successful, but hey!

Things starting to intensify with group survey now but have some business to attend to this evening: will have to really crack on tomorrow.

Other than survey work the task for next week is to explore gesture and expression in conceptual diagramming. So: expect to see some conceptual diagrams of my favourite public spaces some time soon, along with a random aerial photograph of an urban space identical in size to Calverly...
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