Friday, 26 November 2010

studio sessions - alternative/educational/connective/

This Monday's studio session was shorter than usual as we were due to present our survey analysis of Calverley Grounds and Royal Tunbridge Wells. Once again we were thrown together in a group, though there was a little bit of a reshuffle. I found myself with Alick, Grant, Isabel, Lili, and Toby scanning through EDAW's design proposal for Jubilee Gardens before attempting to verbally summarise their master plan document.

Aija and Karen joined us for a mind-mapping exercise, exploring the word "educational". Neighbouring groups further explored the words "connective" and "alternative" before exchanging and augmenting each mind map. The resulting composite word webs presented an exciting palimpsest of concepts and interpretations. I'll upload them as soon as I can figure out how to extract the images from my phone.

It transpires that these three words will form the basis of the master plan scenario(or scenarios):


Anyway, there's a bit more but I shall save for another post.

Oh, the sketch? Yeah- it's a panorma of Royal Tunbridge Wells from Gibraltar Cottage.]

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