Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Week One- Dynamic squares

Homework for this week was to draw a seires of eight squares- each one intersected by three lines. I used coloured oil pastels... probably won't again... see where my portrait has been impressed upon the first square? Pretty spooky.

I like the red one, even if it is a bit on the vaginal side. Not such a good idea to put the pastel on so heavy, nor on both sides of the page!

i tried out some coloured charcoals my sister bought me for the next four... I liked using the white first, then drawing on top.

Thopught the bottom left was successful as a design and in terms of rendering, but I liked the top right too, for being a little Mondrian... do I even like Mondrian? Don't know.

Sadly I missed the next studio session so have no idea what the purpose of this exercise WAS. Still, it was fun. I think...
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