Tuesday, 7 December 2010

master plan scenario- alternative (draft)

As before, brief and vision have been merged in this draft.

I hated doing this one! Really got stuck on the word


Jubilee gardens should demonstrate the viability and exciting possibilities of alternative sources of energy. The site is to be funded and maintained through corporate sponsorship (perhaps from the adjacent shell building). Additionally the site will be fully interactive- visitors will be able to redesign and remodel the site- consisting of fully mobile structural hard and soft landscape elements. A radial organisational structure centred on a series of mobile, concentric rings tethers the site to the London Eye- London’s most popular tourist destination.

· To transform the entire site into a giant, kinetic sculpture celebrating alternative energy powered by solar, wind and tidal energy

· To create a site comprising of mobile landscape elements- from barriers to seating, shelters to play apparatus- all movable via an interactive system of controls by members of the public

· To create a world-class landscape that will be the envy of the world- a contemporary “great exhibition”


· Power the site entirely by solar, wind and tidal energy

· To create the necessary site mechanics to organise and facilitate mobile elements

· To enable human interface with the redesigning of the site

· To build a radial organisational structure

· To create an exhibition pavilion with a constantly updated exhibition on new sustainable and alternative energy sources and technology


· Obtain corporate sponsorship-highest bidder (shell’s front doorstep?)

· Research the most efficient and cost effective way to realise alternative energies on the site

· Engage the public and local designers with the creation of individual landscape elements

· Devise an effective way of managing the organisational structure and mechanics of the movable landscape

· Architectural/ structural planting scheme- also hardy so can exist in containers/ planters (mobile)

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