Tuesday, 7 December 2010

master plan scenario - educational (draft)

Vision and brief have merged by mistake...


This proposal for Jubilee Gardens seeks to provide the South Bank with an urban farm in the heart of London’s cultural centre. The new centre will provide the opportunity for both residents and visitors to experience the pleasure and utility of food production and animal husbandry in the urban environment. The farm will be organic and as self-sufficient as possible, in keeping with the sustainability ethos of urban farming. As well as being open to members of the public, the new development will offer local residents to develop vocational skills in horticulture and agriculture.


· To create an urban farm on the site of jubilee gardens incorporating both arable and pastoral land.

· To provide local school children, youth groups and residents with vocational skills in horticulture, food growing and animal husbandry

· To operate a working, operationally transparent, self-sufficient organic farm

· To educate visitors and resident about the importance of urban food production. Food security and sustainable farming methods


· Site must provide land allocated for allotment style micro-agriculture

· Provide comfortable and secure space for a variety of farmyard animals

· Site must provide access to all or most of the area 7 days a week during daylight hours

· Sit comfortably amidst vernacular architecture of the site

· Site must include education centre to “re-skill” the local populace

· Site must provide visitor centre and cafe (revenue generation)

· Farm will be managed along organic lines and be as self-sufficient as possible


· Phase development involving local populace

· Employment of suitable management and staff from within local population

· Establish links with local youth groups, schools and adult education centres to engage in educational programme

· Create a local, not-for-profit cooperative to eventually run the site

· “Closed loop” management policy- minimisation of waste and energy

· Hedgerow/ woodland edge planting scheme, native grass pasture and meadows, food production area

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