Tuesday, 7 December 2010

master plan scenarios

Someone once wrote something about landscape being a diagram... now who was that?

Ahead of the master planning session I tried to come up with a set of diagrammatic symbols- the challenge: stay unique without losing the universality of primitive semiotics. If that sounds pretentious, it will be because I've been deconstructing Derrida of late.

The real reason I was doodling away, however, was writer's block, pure and simple.I lost a lot of sleep trying to come up with a vision for the alternative master plan scenario. Guess what? My idea for rotating landscape (inspired by J-Pez) had already been envisaged by Antoine!

Who knew. Great minds, eh Siggen?
Anyway, as usual I failed to comprehend the task and manage to mash my brief and vision together. Unusual in this circumstance as the process involved a little bit of schizophrenic dialogue and play acting (on the one hand, I am the client! On the other, I AM A LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT!). Just the sort of thing I relish. Like Gollum, or the mono-dimensional point in Flatland

Please find below some random sketches for conceptual and diagrammatic drawing. I'll post the draft "Visions" up short later (no psychedelics involved this time).
So... back to the doodles... barriers and lines...

...and then that old chestnut, monotone rendering.

Pretty unextraordinary (ordinary?) rendition...

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