Thursday, 10 February 2011

design development distractions - nightwaves

I can't listen to music when I'm working. I find it too distracting. Trust: I have crossed genres, traversed eras and continents trying to fill the void of silence, but music is not the one. I live in a flat in a Victorian terrace with very thin walls, and without something in the background there is an annoying undercurrent of other people's televisions, conversations and music...
So I have the radio on- speech, no music. And no adverts. This restricts my options to the World Service and Radio 4. I cannot work at home without it.
Why am I blogging this? I think because I have something to share and wanted to first set the scene. The radio is usually for background noise blocking- a electromagnetic acoustic intervention I need not heed. But sometimes- sometimes- my ears prick up to something genuinely interesting.
This week an interview with two leading architects, Norman Foster and David Chipperfield. Both have very interesting remarks to make about sense of place, and about working abroad. I've included the link below but I'm not sure how long it'll be up on iplayer so try to make the most of it.
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