Saturday, 12 March 2011


You may have noticed that I've been fiddling witht the appearance of this blog. WELL... aside from being a (sort of) productive distraction from the hard and softworks scheme for the jubster, it's sort of connected with the advanced representation course all BALA3 & BAGD3 students attend.

attempts to represent anything graphically, let alone my "brand" have proved problematic over the past few years (probably not what a third year student should be admitting) but I've tweaked and tweaked this one until I'm happy enough to publish online. As you can see, the business card corresponds to the web banner I've produced for this site (and should eventually form part of the overall branding for I actually feel ill typing those words)


I've been really unhappy with the resolution of images uploaded directly to blogger so have tried pasting the html in from flickr, though of course this means uploading stuff all the time... rebranding the blogger site has also been frustrating.: I have a feeling I may end up delving into the murky world of html...
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