Thursday, 17 March 2011

hardworks key plan

hardworks key by joey.donovan
hardworks key a photo by joey.donovan on Flickr.

Here's the draft key plan- as with structural planting plan, this is incomplete. I don't have the detail annotations and even the key is incomplete BUT I have the layout and the surfaces and levels resolved.

Drawing wise, it certainly grtabs attention but is next to useless as a construction plan! The dense hatching reduces legibility, discussed with Paula the benefits of resolving everything in pencil before inking, and line weight needs to be more defined ( I need to add one lighter pen and make the heaviest line heavier)

Really think making the hatching less intense would allow the structural definition to breathe. Thing is, it's about surfaces so I sort of got lost in that.

Oh well. Getting there I guess... at least it will be an adequate template for when I turn it into an autocad drawing...

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