Thursday, 17 March 2011

structural planting plan (draft)

structsoft key drft by joey.donovan
structsoft key drft a photo by joey.donovan on Flickr.

Once again, to maintain a record of pin-ups I'vve posted this incomplete structural plan.

The main avenue comprises Quercus Robur f. fastigiata at 7.4m centres in two single rows 15m apart.

Avenue running from London Aquarium, across stage and towards courts comprises Malus floribunda

A stand of Betula pendula occupies top middle section.

A line of 9 alders at 5.4m centres stands in front of Shell Downstream with a generous gap

Feature trees inc.lude:

-Betula papyrifera

-Acer palmatum vitifolium

-Acer pseudoplatanus "Brilliantissimum"

All existing trees maintained (inclusive of cherries on avenue to London Eye) except two planes in bottom left to accomodate water.

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