Friday, 25 March 2011

a tale of two territories

As the design process continues, we move closer and closer to the human scale. In increments we have moved from 1:500, to 1:200 and now to 1:50.

AS I did not attend the Lille trip, I have to select two areas of the design to refine at 1:50 scale. Two areas represents a substantially greater workload than one... surely worth enduring the intensity of the Lille week!


So: two areas, selected on Monday under the supervision of my tutors. This promises to be the most detailed aspect of the design so far. It is hilarious to view them in this skeletal, denuded state they presently occupy, as illustrated below:

I mean, what IS that? Some clouds, some trees, some other shiz...

I think they're supposed to be shrubs.... you'll see, I promise!
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