Tuesday, 3 August 2010


making wishes - things that won't come true

well i ask:

"why wish for something that could conceivably come true?"

what a waste of a wish

synchronicity and serendipity

wrestling twins

laugh when youtube recommends


because I liked


thinking of you

again and again and again


like god-

everywhere and invisible.

perhaps you snort derisively

at my decadent flaunting of time-wealth

this waste of words

only because

words are your work

words are your tools...

when you return home

i suspect you leave them in a sack by the door

where once i left my muddied boots

whole day trampling over dandelions

for you to pick thorns from my shoulders

Monday, 2 August 2010

white fucking rabbits

fucking pawn-shop subsistence scratching cycling with my guitar and my camera thinking this is everything i own,strike me down and all i'd have left is a bed and some records

another weekend sans substances, second one without cigarettes, fourth or fifth without alcohol and something like the sixth or seventh without drugs or indeed sex- abstinence is the new excess, control control control

all of which is very worthy but without obliteration the turning of the wheels starts in ernest, well a steady turning, not the erratic whirring, sudden shock realisation gears grining then grinding to a halt no no no this is the steady, constant grinding of those cogs that carry out the computations turn those numbers round and around garbage IN, garbage OUT

the one question



is this leading


i think


just over two weeks of my twenties left oh yes






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