Thursday, 4 November 2010

bernard tschumi - sex/violence/advertisements for architecture/

My dissertation topic is on Bernard Tschumi and deconstruction/ deconstructivism... coincidentally, this is also one of my presentation topics for Garden Design History...

Don't want to publish too much concerning dissertation here but I am planning on employing some of his ideas in the masterplan... furthermore, I found these postcards that I think are very interesting!

There part of a series Tschumi did in the seventies called Advertisements for Architecture. I like this next one A LOT...

What do you think- is murder in the street different from murder in a cathedral? is architecture defined by the actions it witnesses or its form and materiality? Can the same be said for space... is space landscape?
There are one or two more in this great book I found in the library called Tschumi- lots of connections between bondage, rules, architecture and erotica.
Reminds me a great deal of Guy Debord's remark I came in the cobblestones, which is what landscape is all about, right?
I'll scan and upload next Friday!
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